8AM to 9AM

Registration and Breakfast

8:50AM to 9:00AM

ROOM W2-60 * Introductions

9AM to 9:50AM

ROOM W2-60 * Ted Neward – Keynote – Iconoclasm

9:50AM to 10:00AM


10:00AM to 11:00AM

ROOM W2-60 * PANEL- Growing and educating our dev community

ROOM W2-61 * Murali Mogalayapalli -Effective Code Quality through Behavior-Driven Development

ROOM W2-66 * Magnus Stahre – git gone wild: how to recover from common git mistakes

ROOM W2-67 *  Jeff McWherter – is a Mobile-Friendly Website Enough?

ROOM W2-68 * Terry May –  Getting turned on with Arduino

ROOM W2-69 * Kevin Dangoor – Rise of the Web App

ROOM W2-70 * Joe Kuemerle – Reverse Engineering .NET and Java

ROOM W2-63 *Jessica Kerr – Functional Principles for OO Development

11:00AM to 11:10AM


11:10AM to 12:10PM

ROOM W2-60 * Empty for Lunch Setup

ROOM W2-61 * John Hauck – Cudafy Me – Graphics Processor Programming in C# on Windows 8

ROOM W2-66 * Aaron Maturen – Backbone JS

ROOM W2-67 * Quicken  Session TBD

ROOM W2-68 * Brian Friesen – Regular Expressions

ROOM W2-69 * Nilanjan Raychaudhuri  – Asynchronous to Realtime web programming for JVM

ROOM W2-70 * Brian Munzenberger  – Intro to iOS Development

ROOM W2-63 * Software Challenges and Innovation in a Mission Critical Public Safety Solution

12:10PM to 1:10PM


1:10PM to  2:10PM

ROOM W2-60 * Empty for lunch clean up

ROOM W2-61 * Open Spaces

ROOM W2-66 * Prabodh Deshmukh and Vani Yalamanchili – GM Sponsor Presentation

ROOM W2-67  * Walter Falby – Java on the mainframe – More than what you think!

ROOM W2-68  * Marc Nischan – Responsive Design

ROOM W2-69 * Bill Parker – Unleashed Innovation: The Quicken Loans Bullet Time Experiment

ROOM W2-70 * Godfrey Nolan – Continuous Integration for mobile

ROOM W2-63 * Bill Wagner – Your Asynchronous Future C#

2:10 PM to 2:15PM


2:15PM to 3:15PM

ROOM W2-60 * PANEL – Ride the Startup train

ROOM W2-61 * Ken Fox – Garbage Collection In-Depth

ROOM W2-66 * Mark Stanislav – Information Security and Web Programming

ROOM W2-67 * Chris Marinos-The State of F#- Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Care

ROOM W2-68 * Matt Groves – The class that knew too much: refactoring spaghetti code

ROOM W2-69 * Joshua Kalis – Functional JS

ROOM W2-70 * Chris Risner – Azure Backends

ROOM W2-63 * Bobby Norton – Graph Traversals in Neo4j with Gremlin Java

3:15PM to 3:25PM

Snack Break

3:25PM to 4:25PM

ROOM W2-60 * PANEL – Whats Next?

ROOM W2-61 * Job Vranish  *Using types to write your code for you

ROOM W2-66 * Bob Kuehne – OpenGL

ROOM W2-67 * Elizabeth Henderson – Testing with Spock

ROOM W2-68 * Jeff Kelley – iOS Concurrency

ROOM W2-69 * Baraa Basata  – Domain Model

ROOM W2-70 * Calvin Bushor Oh Node You didnt

ROOM W2-63 * Dean Wampler – Map Reduce

4:25PM to 4:30PM


4:30PM to 5:30PM

Room W2-60 * CHAD FOWLER KEYNOTE –  Self Engineering

5:30 to 6:30

ROOM W2-60 * After Party

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