Michigan Software Developer Summit

Panel Discussion – Educating and Growing our Dev Community

We have all heard that Michigan has a shortage of developer and programming talent.  The state and local business are taking this issue on. This will be a panel discussion on educating growing our developer community?    Hear how other communities have approached this issue.  Hear what local companies are planning.  What can we do on our own?  Ask questions and be a part of the dialog.

Confirmed Panelists Include:

1. ModeratorPaul Czarnik –  Compuware and IT in the D

2. Dave Koziol – Arbor Moon and

3.  Bobby Norton – co-founder of Tested Minds and Mentor for Starter Academy

4. Brian Leary is the Director of Product Operations and Development

5. Nayan Hajratwala  – 313Dev

Panel Discussion –  Riding the Startup Train

There are plenty of venture companies in Michigan these days.   There are a ton of new Start-ups looking for dev talent an technical founders.  What does this mean to you?  What should you do if you have a start-up idea?   What does it mean to work for a start-up?  What the heck is a tech founder?  Attend this panel discussion and be a part of the conversations.

Confirmed Panelists Include:

1. Moderator – Maria LaLonde – Bizdom

2. Steve Schwartz – Founder of Alfa Jango

3. Aubrey C. Agee  – Senior Program Administrator – Blackstone LaunchPad, WSU

4. Nathan Hughes – Co-Founder of local startup – Detroit Labs


Panel Discussion –  What next?

This will be a technical panel discussion.  What technologies should you be learning?   What technologies will pay the bills?  Should you look into mobile?   What’s with Functional?   What’s up with Microsoft these days? This will be a general panel and group discussion.

Confirmed Panelists Include:

1.  Moderator – Matt Ruma – Epitec

2.  Jamie Hamilton – VP of Software Engineering at Quicken Loans

3.  Jessica Kerr – and @jessitron.

4.  Ken Fox –  Detroit Labs

5.  David Giard – Sogeti

6.  Ted Neward –

More to come….

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