Keynote Speakers

Chad Fowler – Self Engineering – Keynote

Chad Fowler at RailsConf

Chad Fowler is an internationally known software developer, trainer, manager, speaker, and musician. Over the past decade he has worked with some of the world’s largest companies and most admired software developers.    Chad is SVP of Technology at LivingSocial. He is co-organizer of RubyConf and RailsConf and author or co-author of a number of popular software books, including Rails Recipes and The Passionate Programmer: Creating a Remarkable Career in Software Development.

Ted Neward – Iconoclasm – Keynote

Ted Neward

Ted Neward is an independent consultant specializing in high-scale enterprise systems, working with clients ranging in size from Fortune 500 corporations to small 10-person shops. He is an authority in Java and .NET technologies, particularly in the areas of Java/.NET integration (both in-process and via integration tools like Web services), back-end enterprise software systems, and virtual machine/execution engine plumbing.

He is the author or co-author of several books, including Effective Enterprise Java, C# In a Nutshell, SSCLI Essentials, Server-Based Java Programming, and a contributor to several technology journals. Ted is also a Microsoft MVP Architect, BEA Technical Director, INETA speaker, former DevelopMentor instructor, frequent worldwide conference speaker, and a member of various Java JSRs. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, two sons, and eight PCs.

Session Presenters

Baraa Basata – Where is your domain model?

Pillar’s Baraa

I am a consultant with Pillar, making things happen on client engagements for agile project delivery. On every project, my focus is on how to best contribute to the success of the teams I serve, and I’m constantly looking for every opportunity to make a positive impact and to delight my clients. I studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Michigan and Lawrence Technological University, and I reside in Flint, Michigan. Follow me on Twitter @baraabasata.

Calvin Bushor – Oh NODE you didn’t.

Calvin Bushor is a JavaScript fanatic and full time tinkerer pushing the boundaries of the web on a daily basis. As a Senior Software Engineer at Quicken Loans, Calvin leads the technical development of MyQL.com’s expansive user experience with the explicit goal of making the mortgage process engaging and easy to understand. When Calvin is not writing bulletproof Javascript apps or experimenting with new web technologies, you can find him at home with his wife Katie or out playing soccer.

Kevin Dangoor – Rise of the Web App

Mozilla’s Kevin Dangoor

Kevin Dangoor is product manager for Mozilla’s developer tools. Though he’s worked with many languages in many environments, he is best known for his Python work as the founder of theTurboGears web framework and Paver project scripting tool. He has spoken at numerous conferences and is a co-author of Rapid Web Applications with TurboGears. More recently, his work at Mozilla has involved the Bespin browser-based code editor, starting the CommonJS project, and a new generation of developer tools for Firefox. He lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Prabodh Deshmukh – GM Sponsor Session

Prabodh Deshmukh is a Development Manager at GM with expertise across multiple industries, domains and technology platforms. His previous experiences include being IT Strategy & Transformation Manager at Accenture, Development Manager at Thomson Reuters, and Chief Application Architect for SYNC at Ford.

Walter Falby- Java on the mainframe

Walter Falby

Walter Falby has more than 30 years of experience in application development, operating system and subsystem enhancements and product development. He has worked on MVS, Windows, OS/2, UNIX and Linux. The programming languages he has used include assembler, C/C++, C# and Java. He has published books on programming and alternate energy research as well as articles on software development and bacteriological studies of recreational lakes.

Brian Friesen – Regular expressions – now you have two problems

Brian Friesen

Brian Friesen is a software engineer at Quicken Loans and has been writing software professionally for six years. Active in the Michigan development community, he is also the current president of the East Tennessee .NET Users Group and the founder of the Knoxville Software Craftsmanship Group. He insists that the more he learns, the less he knows. And one day, he hopes to know nothing.

Matt Groves – The class that knew too much: refactoring spaghetti code

Matt speaking at MobiDevDay 2011

Matthew D. Groves is a guy who loves to code. It doesn’t matter if it’s “enterprisey” C# apps, cool jQuery stuff, contributing to OSS, or rolling up his sleeves to dig into some PHP. He has been coding professionally ever since he wrote a QuickBASIC point-of-sale app for his parent’s pizza shop back in the 90s. He currently works from home on the Telligent product team, and loves spending time with his wife and 2 kids, watching the Cincinnati Reds, and getting involved in the developer community. He is currently writing a book for Manning about aspect-oriented programming in .NET, and also teaches a class on web development at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio.

John Hauck – Cudafy Me – Graphics Processor Programming in C# on Windows 8

John Michael Hauck

John Hauck has been developing software professionally in Michigan since 1981, and focused on Windows-based development since 1988. For the past 17 years John has been working at LECO, a scientific laboratory instrument company, where he manages software development. John also served as the manager of software development at Zenith Data Systems, and as the Vice President of software development at TechSmith. John loves the Lord, his wife, their three kids, and sailing on Lake Michigan.

Elizabeth Henderson – Testing with Spock

MSU’s Elizabeth Henderson

Elizabeth Henderson has 9 years of experience in software development in the insurance and in the higher-education fields. In her professional career, she has developed in projects including single sign-on implementations, mobile applications, tutoring systems, and insurance quoting systems. Although most of her experience is in Java, she loves experimenting with different JVM languages, jQuery, and iOS. Elizabeth has spoken at the Lansing Java Users Group in addition to many professional presentations. She tweets at @elizhender.

Joshua Kalis -Functional Javascript

Joshua Kalis

I am a UI Engineer at Quicken Loans and Javascript fanatic. My interest in being a polyglot programmer has influenced the way I approach writing code; hopefully for the better.I have pulled OO ideas from Java and C# as well as Functional concepts from F#, Scheme, Erlang, and Haskell. Mostly my learning of and from languages, other than Javascript, has helped me write better Javascript since I have very few options in the browser. I think that learning new languages is me just looking for a better way to do what I love to do.

Duane Kietzman – Software Challenges and Innovation in a Mission Critical Public Safety Solution

Duane Kietzman is a Software Architect at New World Systems, focusing on their Mobile Computing platform.  He has over 5 years of experience designing and developing Enterprise Solutions using modern technologies. Prior to joining New World, Duane graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Software Engineering.

Jessica Kerr-Functional Principles for OO Development

Jessica Kerr

Jessica Kerr is a long-time Java developer turned polyglot, engaged in writing Scala for biotech. She loves speaking at St. Louis user groups and at conferences like CodeMash, DevLINK, and DevTeach — but her #1goal is keeping two young daughters alive without squelching theirinner craziness. Find her thoughts at blog.jessitron.com and @jessitron.

Jeff Kelley – Concurrency on iOS

Mr. Jeff Kelley

Jeff Kelley is an iOS developer and author of Learn Cocoa Touch, available now from Apress. Jeff speaks at conferences and local Cocoa programming groups on topics such as the Objective-C Runtime and Grand Central Dispatch.  His notable  projects include the Chevy Game Time second-screen experience, the Fathead Big Shot augmented reality product viewer, and the Podcastic podcast player.  Jeff has a reputation of over 8,000 on StackOverflow and works for Detroit Labs in Detroit, MI, doing a combination of client work and independent product development.

Bob Kuehne -OpenGL

Bob Kuehne

Before starting Ann Arbor’s Blue Newt Software, Bob Kuehne was the Technical Lead for the OpenGL Shading Language at Silicon Graphics. Bob Kuehne has worked for more than a decade in the computer graphics industry, working his way up and down the OpenGL food chain, from writing OpenGL code to writing shader compilers. He has presented on OpenGL at numerous conferences, including SIGGRAPH.

Joe Kuemerle-Reverse Engineering .NET and Java

Joe Kuemerle

Joe Kuemerle is a developer and speaker in the Cleveland, OH area specializing in .NET development, security, database and application lifecycle topics. He is currently a Lead Developer at BookingBuilder Technologies. Joe is active in the technical community as well as aspeaker at local, regional and national events. Joe blogs at www.kuemerle.com and is on Twitter as @jkuemerle.

Mac Liaw -vert.x – Canceled this year.  Sorry. 

Mac Liaw at 1DevDay in 2010

Mac Liaw entered The Ohio State University’s Masters Program in Computer Science at age 15. He was a member of the CERN development team that established HTTP and HTML. He is active in the Linux Kernel, Groovy development and Haskell open source project. Currently he is CylaTech.com Inc’s VP of Technology and has been involved in video games development since Playstation 2 and Xbox. He currently oversees PS3 and 360 video games development and special effects projects at CylaTech.com Inc. He also serves as the CTO of Bringshare,  a startup launched its public beta in fall 2011 at the DEMO conference in Silicon Valley. Bringshare is an online tool for marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and their businesses measure and evaluate their online marketing investments more efficiently and cost effectively.

Chris Marinos – The State of F#- Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Care

Chris Marinos

Chris is a F# MVP and software consultant in Ann Arbor, MI. A proponent of F# since its pre-release days, he has given numerous F# talks and trainings throughout the US and Europe. He has also written articles on F# for MSDN Magazine and his F#-centric blog. His other technical interests and experiences include coffeescript, backbone.js, Rails, Django, C#, and of course, functional programming. When not coding, he enjoys video games, BBQ food, and obnoxiously large TVs.

Dianne Marsh – Scala: Objects and Methods and Functions, Oh My!

Dianne Marsh

Dianne Marsh, co-founder of SRT Solutions, has deeply rooted expertise in software programming and technology, including manufacturing, genomics decision support and real-time processing applications. Dianne works with Unix, Windows, Java, C#, and C++ in enterprise-level applications, and has deep experience with a variety of graphical user interface libraries. A member of Women Presidents Organization, Dianne is also active in CodeMash and various Java user groups. She earned her Master of Science degree in computer science from Michigan Technological University. Dianne was winner of the 2011 1DevDay Appreciation Award and is co-author of  Atomic Scala with Bruce Eckel.

Aaron Maturen – Design Patterns and Backbone in JavaScript

Aaron Maturen and friend

Aaron Maturen is a web developer for Saginaw Valley State University with a passion for learning. He has dabbled in many different languages, but is known for being a Python and Javascript connoisseur. You’ll often find him reading the source of fun javascript libraries or the ECMAScript spec. Aaron has also been labeled the “database guy” to many, and has been known to “make databases cry”. Aaron is also a developer for a small consulting firm, Ivory Penguin, specializing in education software, digital asset management, and the mobile web.

Terry May – Arduino Hacks

Terry, wired in

Terry May is an infamous Detroit area Software Developer, autodidact and hacker.  He has done everything from small appliance repairman, television production assistant, WILX Graphic Designer, IT guy, assistant video editor, free lance 3D animator, WKBD Graphic Designer, flash guy and Multimedia Specialist.  He started hacking as a teenager on Commodore 64s and CB radios.

Terry is a polyglot programmer and ECMAScript virtuoso.  Today he works on Android Apps, Unity 3D and Augmented Reality projects for Detroit Labs.  Terry recently began hacking with Arduino and will share his findings and the possibilities of the Arduino world with his usual fun, down-to-earth, curious and un-pretentious flair.


Jeff McWherter of Lansing’s Gravity Works

Jeff McWherter is a Partner and the Director of Development at Gravity Works Design and Development. Jeff is a graduate of Michigan State University and has over 16 years of professional software development experience. In 2012 Jeff published his third book Professional Mobile Development (Wrox Presss) which complements his other works Testing ASP.NET Web Applications (Wrox Press) and Professional Test Driven Development with C# (Wrox Press).

Jeff is very active in developing programming communities across the country, speaking at conferences and organizing events such as the Lansing Give Camp, pairing developers with non-profit organizations for volunteer projects.

Murali Mogalayapalli –

Effective Code Quality through Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)

Murali Mogalayapalli

Murali Mogalayapalli is presently Senior Software Architect at New World Systems in Troy for the Police and Fire Dispatch/Mobile solution. His 20 years of industry experience spans a variety of segments, such as Public Safety, Application Performance Monitoring and warehouse management systems. Murali has applied a breadth of technologies and stacks (Java, .NET, and various open source) over his career, and is currently focusing on performance and scale for high-availability production systems.

Tim Morehouse – Software Challenges and Innovation in a Mission Critical Public Safety Solution

Tim Morehouse is a Solution Architect for New World Systems next generation Compuware Aided 9-1-1 Dispatch (CAD).  He has over 7 years experience designing and developing solutions for mission critical police and fire support software.

Brian Munzenberger-Intro to iOS Development

Brian Munzenberger

Brian has 8 years of experience in all aspects of the software development lifecycle. Past projects include B2B, B2C, and large-scale e-commerce applications. Throughout his career Brian has worked with a wide range of companies from small startups to large corporations. Brian brings his passion for development and knowledge of large-scale applications to the world of iOS.

Marc Nischan – Magic Bullet, Thy Name Is Responsive Design

Marc Nischan

Marc Nischan- In the mid 90s, I was informed at a party that you could put music and pictures of your band on computers and I fell in love with designing for the web right after that. Having survived the fall of table-based layout, the dot com bust, IE6, and that period of time when everything had to have “synergy”, I am currently engaged as the Senior Interactive Designer for Skidmore Studio here in Detroit. Every day, I help people figure out how they can use the web to communicate with other people, and it still seems like magic to me every time when I hit refresh and it looks like I though it would look. I love my job. It’s why I left my lucrative career as a dishwasher.

Godfrey Nolan – Continuous Integration in the Mobile World

Godfrey Nolan

Godfrey Nolan is founder and president of RIIS, a mobile development firm in the Detroit Metro area. He is also author of “Decompiling Java” and “Decompiling Android.” Godfrey has spoken at JavaOne, ASP-Connections, VSLive, Codemash, Code PaLOUsa, 1DevDay, and many local Java and .NET user groups on a wide range of topics, such as continuous integration, executable requirements and mobile security.

Bobby Norton – Graph Traversals in Neo4j with Gremlin Java

Chicago’s Bobby Norton

Bobby Norton is the co-founder of Tested Minds, a startup focused on products for social learning and rapid feedback. He has built software for over ten years at firms such as Lockheed Martin, NASA, GE Global Research, ThoughtWorks, DRW Trading Group, and Aurelius. His tools of choice include Java, Clojure, Ruby, Bash, and R. Bobby holds a M.S. in Computer Science from FSU.

Nilanjan Raychaudhuri – Asynchronous to Realtime web programming for JVM

CloudDevDay 2011

Nilanjan is a consultant and trainer for Typesafe. He has more than 12 years of experience managing and developing software solutions in Java/JEE, Ruby, Groovy and also in Scala. He is zealous about programming in Scala ever since he got introduced to this beautiful language. He enjoys sharing his experience via talks in various conferences and he is also the author of the “Scala in Action” book.

Bill Parker

Bill Parker

Bill Parker is futurist and entrepreneur currently serving as the Innovation Architect at Quicken Loans. He is the creator and leader of Bullet Time a technology innovation program. Prior roles include leadership and work in the areas of quality assurance, application administration, support services and infrastructure.

Chris Risner -Backending your Mobile Apps with Azure

Chris Risner

Chris Risner is a Windows Azure Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. Chris is focused on using Windows Azure as a backend for iOS and Android clients. Chris has been working with iOS and Android development for the past several years. Before working in mobile development, Chris worked on many large scale enterprise applications in Java and .NET. Chis is a prodigious learner who loves technology of all flavors and has a vast amount of experience in Smart Clients, Asp.Net MVC, C#,, Java, Objective C, Android and iOS. Chris speaks from his many successes in different areas of technology.

Mark Stanislav – It’s Just a Web Site: How Poor Web Programming is Ruining Information Security


Mark Stanislav is a Senior Consultant at NetWorks Group, focused on operational automation and information security. With a career spanning a decade, Mark has worked within small business, academia, start-up, and corporate environments primarily focused on Linux architecture, information security, and web application development. Through the recent years of his career, Mark has had an opportunity to architect and deploy cloud infrastructure within many different industries and for various business needs. Mark holds a Bachelor’s degree in Networking & IT Administration and a Master’s in Technology Studies focused on Information Assurance, both from Eastern Michigan University. Mark also holds his CISSP, Security+, Linux+, and CCSK certifications.

Magnus Stahre – git gone wild: how to recover from common git mistakes

Magnus Stahre

Magnus Stahre is a software craftsman doing application development for 13 years.

He is currently an Agile craftsman at Pillar Technology where he solves difficult problems while coaching others on techniques and tools that help developers work better.

He is also a dedicated Unix lover, having started his career as a sysadmin.

Job Vranish-Using types to write your code for you

Atomic Object’s Job Vranish

By the time I began college I was already fairly proficient at software development and wanted to try something new so I decided to study electrical engineering. My undergraduate degree is a BS in Electrical Engineering from Calvin College. Having skills in both the hardware and software realms makes me particularly suited to embedded software development which often requires forays into the hardware side of things.

After college I worked at GE Aviation developing safety critical embedded software for aircraft flight management systems. I became interested in test driven development and agile methods while at GE and when I could not make these things happen there I moved to Atomic Embedded (a pioneer in applying Agile methods to embedded software development) in June 2011.

Most of my free time is now taken up with entertaining and bouncing a small baby named Jasper, but otherwise, I enjoy Haskell (and dream of one day being able to write embedded software in a functional language), the theory and implementation of programming languages, vegetarian food and racquetball.

Bill Wagner – Your Asynchronous Future

Bill Wagner at MIGANG

Bill Wagner has spent most of his professional career between curly braces, starting with C and moving through C++, Java, and now C#. He’s the author of Effective C# (2nd edition released in 2010), More Effective C# (2009), and is one of the annotators for The C# Language Specification, 3rd and 4th editions. He is a regular contributor to the C# Dev Center, and tries to write production code whenever he can. With more than 20 years experience, Bill Wagner, SRT Solutions co-founder and CEO, is a recognized expert in software design and engineering, specializing in C#, .NET and the Azure platform. He serves as Michigan’s Regional Director for Microsoft and is a multi-year winner of Microsoft’s MVP award. An internationally recognized author, Bill has published three books on C# and currently writes a column on the Microsoft C# Developer Center. Bill was awarded the Emerging Technology Leader Award by Automation Alley, Michigan’s largest technology consortium. Bill earned a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. Bill blogs at http://www.srtsolutions.com/billwagner and tweets athttps://twitter.com/billwagner.

Dean Wampler – MapReduce and Its Discontents

Dean Wampler is a Principal Consultant for Think Big Analytics, specialists in “Big Data” application development, primarily using Hadoop-related technologies. He wrote “Functional Programming for Java Developers” and co-wrote “Programming Scala” and “Programming Hive” (all from O’Reilly). Dean is the founder of the Chicago-Area Scala Enthusiasts (meetup.com/chicagoscala/) and the programming web site polyglotprogramming.com. He is also a contributer to several open-source projects. For mindless tweets, see @deanwampler.

Vani Yalamanchili – GM Sponsor Session

Vani Yalamanchili is a Mobile Development Technical Leader at GM leading Enterprise and Dealer mobile application development. She has more than 12 years of experience developing, leading software solutions in different technologies across different industries. She also enjoys coding and teaching.

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